Parenting is hard

Parenting a child with special needs is especially hard. There’s an added layer of challenges that can push any parent over the edge, leaving you in a state of complete overwhelm. I know. I’ve been there. Even though I’m finally in a place where I can manage the overwhelm from a calmer and more productive state of mind, I still have those days. Ok, sometimes those weeks.

As I’ve fumbled my way through parenting two boys with sensory processing challenges, I’ve spent most of the past five years desperately tracking down information to help make me a better parent. (Extra bonus for figuring out how to make parenting more know, less wanting to pull my hair out and more laughing and rolling with the punches.)

I learned the hard way that, whether you have a child with extra needs or not, the only way to thrive (not just survive) during parenthood is to have excellent self-care. Unfortunately, and I know I’m not alone in this, my self-care went out the window after the birth of my first son.

Suddenly I had this little person to keep alive and I was left with very little time to take care of myself. During the time of our lives when we need the most self-care (parenthood), we end up having the least. The self-care page is dedicated to helping parents recognize and internalize the importance of prioritizing self-care and to motivating you to incorporate more of it in your daily lives.

All children present behavioral challenges, but children with sensory issues have unique challenges that can be much more difficult to manage. A common question parents of children with SPD ask is, Is it behavioral or is it sensory? It can be hard to tease these two apart. I provide tools to help you answer that question, making your whole family’s life easier and more enjoyable.

In Behavior SOS, I lay out three areas to focus on when your child’s behavior leaves you desperately wondering, is it me or does my child seem possessed?

Marriage requires work. Marriage with children requires even more work. Marriage with a child or children with SPD requires some serious teamwork.

When your children require so much of your attention, it can be easy to let your relationship go. Throw in a few extra stressors- work stress, money stress, lack of time together- and suddenly you have the perfect storm for a relationship that's under water.

I know because my husband and I have been there! In Marriage SOS, I give you my top ten marriage hacks that have helped us survive our first several years as parents to two amazing (and challenging) little boys with SPD.

I want you to learn from the mistakes I made. Use the hacks, tricks, and shortcuts it's taken me years to figure out. It's time to feel empowered, less frustrated, and more in control of your and your family's well-being. You can do this!