Integrative Pediatrician's Perspective on Sensory Processing

Integrative Pediatrician, Dr. Katiraei, who has spent the past 15 years working with children who have neurological disorders such as SPD, ADHD, and ASD, gives a medical perspective on sensory processing issues. You'll learn what Sensory Processing Disorder is, common sensory red flags, the link between ADHD and sensory, why there is likely a physical reason underlying your child's challenging behaviors and, most importantly, that there is hope for your child.

In our second interview, Dr. Katiraei discusses five common underlying causes of sensory processing issues. Addressing these issues is the key to helping your child heal at the core, not just symptomatic, level.

Dr. K is back to discuss a common underlying physical issue in children with sensory processing challenges: low energy metabolism. He estimates that 60 percent of children with sensory processing challenges have an underlying energy metabolism imbalance that is at the root of their struggles. In this interview, Dr. K. explains:

  • What energy metabolism is
  • Why it's important
  • How it is linked to sensory processing
  • How to determine whether your child has an error in energy metabolism
  • Two simple interventions to increase your child's energy metabolism