25 Budget- Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Sensory-Sensitive Kids

The holidays are an expensive time of year even under normal circumstances. The pandemic has put an enormous strain on finances, making this holiday season that much more stressful.

In the name of lowering your stress, here are 25 sensory toy stocking stuffer picks under $15...

  1. Rapper Snappers
    Great for proprioceptive and auditory input. Though, I'm not going to lie, the sound is pretty annoying!

  2. Mini Etch a Sketch
    The perfect activity for the ride home from school. Provides fine motor and visual stimulation.

  3. Holiday Reindeer Popper
    My boys love this! Gives propriocetive input.

  4. Pur Gum
    Chewing gum is calming for sensory-seekers. This gum is made with natural ingredients and has a delicious flavor- great for kids like my son who are sensitive to anything "spicy." Appropriate for kids four and older.

  5. Chewy Tubes
    Another great activity for sensory-seekers- chomping down on these can be soothing and calming.

  6. Jacob's Ladder
    A great visually stimulating travel toy.

  7. Monkey Noodle
    Perfect for tactile stimulation- your child can stretch, pull, bend, wrap and squeeze them, then watch them bounce back to their original shape.

  8. Water Wigglies
    The slippery texture of this fun little toy provides tactile input.

  9. Wikki Stix
    Great for tactile input and imaginative play.

  10. Water Flutes
    A great oral-motor activity.

  11. Bug Out Bob
    This is the creepiest looking toy, but my boys love it! Gives proprioceptive input and provides lots of laughs.

  12. Seamless Socks
    Eliminate clothing wars with these fabulous seamless socks.

  13. Wooden Puzzle Fidget
    Keep your child's hands occupied and challenge his fine motor skills with this wooden fidget.

  14. Water Beads
    The ultimate tactile experience (not great for kids with tactile defensiveness).

  15. Chewy Jewelry
    A inconspicuous way for your sensory-seeker to get proprioceptive input.

  16. Cosmic Ray Wand
    A visually stimulating toy that teaches action/reaction.

  17. Hairy Tangle
    The "hairy" texture gives tactile input.

  18. DNA Ball
    Provides visual and tactile input. A great toy to keep on hand to help calm a stimulated child or to give input to an under-responsive child.

  19. Bath Slime
    Make bath time extra fun with this "gunky green" bath slime. Don't worry, it won't stain. Great for sensory-seekers. If you're child is sensory-defensive, you'll want to ease into it.

  20. Lacing Beads
    A great fine-motor and motor planning activity.

  21. Sensory Play Foam
    A low-mess tactile activity.

  22. Spinning Galaxy Light Ball
    Great for visual stimulation.

  23. Pull and Stretch Bounce Balls
    Provides tactile, proprioceptive and visual input.

  24. Vibrating Toothbrush
    The perfect way to give your child sensory input before school and bedtime. Some kids are sensitive to the vibration so tread lightly if you have an over-responsive kiddo.

  25. Shaker Eggs
    A parent-approved (read: non-irritating) way for your child to get auditory stimulation.

Here's to helping your child stay regulated during the holidays and to helping you stay regulated when you look at your bank account balance!

I'd love to hear from you- leave your comments and questions below.


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