10 of the Best Travel Games for Kids (ages 4-8)

Traveling with kids isn't easy, especially with those who have sensory processing challenges like my boys. In an effort to mitigate travel-induced meltdowns, I've been known to get a little carried away when it comes to buying travel toys/ activities. Let's just say that I'm making excellent use of our Amazon Prime account!

In my defense, having an assortment of kid-approved toys/activities really does go a long way towards making a long flight or road trip more bearable and it helps prevent screen time overload- something sensory kids are especially prone to.

Of the many travel toys I've bought for my boys to try, here are their top 10 picks:

  1. Scratch Art
    My boys are obsessed with Scratch Art! It's great for proprioceptive input and keeps them nice and occupied. Only downside? Having to brush the scratched off art from your kids clothes (I'm pretty sure that flight attendants don't love Scratch Art!).

  2. WikkiStix
    These are fabulous, mess-free maniupulatives that encourage creativity and provide tactile input.

  3. Secret Decoder
    My boys can do these for hours. They love pretending they're detectives- cracking the secret code is surprisingly very satisfying.

  4. Book of Mazes
    Nothing like a good brain teaser to keep your kids quiet (and you sane!) while traveling.

  5. Magnetic Building Blocks
    These fine-motor and memory enhancing magnetic building blocks are the perfect size for travel and my boys love them.

  6. Zoob BuilderZ Traveler
    These are a great travel alternative for kids, like my boys, who love LEGOS. We've tried traveling with LEGOS, but my boys end up getting frustrated because they don't have enough room to spread them out in the plane/car and they inevitably can't find the piece they need or end up dropping and losing pieces, which leads to a meltdown. Zoob BuilderZ allow them to build without all the frustration.

  7. Doodle Board
    This little gadget is the best! It's endlessly entertaining and its sleek design makes it perfect for travel.

  8. Travel Tangram
    This is great for all ages, even adults. It's great for visual and spacial processing and provides the perfect attention-sustaining challenge for kids.

  9. Mom, I'm Bored Activity Book
    I love the person who came up with the name for this activity book! It's a dry-erase travel activity book filled with educational games and puzzles. I love that it can just be wiped and reused. So convenient and cost-effective!

  10. Spot It! Jr.
    I don't know who likes Spot It more, me or my boys! We laugh so hard when we play and it definitely brings out my competitive side. Ha!

In addition to these travel activity staples, I also pack crayons, markers and a few coloring books. For the ultimate sensory-friendly carry-on packing list, CLICK HERE.

What games/activities keep your kids occupied while traveling? Leave a comment with the links below along with any other kid-friendly travel tips.


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