Learn how to stay calm
when your child isn’t
Get the parenting support you need for your SENSORY-SENSITIVE kid.
Parenting is hard.
Parenting a child with sensory needs is even harder.

Their quirky, strange and often confusing behaviors can send even the most zen parent right over the edge.

If you find yourself constantly yelling, criticizing, threatening and thinking, “Did I really just say that?” in response to your child’s challenging behaviors, you’re not alone. And you’re not a bad parent.

You’re the parent of a sensory kid and you’re doing the best you can. You just need more support; you weren’t meant to do this alone!

Being a “Sensory Mom” can feel lonely and isolating. Because your child’s “issues” don’t fit into a box, your concerns about her difficult behaviors are often dismissed.

Your pediatrician, friends and family (heck, even strangers for that matter!), though well-meaning, imply that you’re the one overreacting, not your kid!

Your child’s explosive, disruptive and out of bounds behaviors affect your entire household, creating a “crazy” environment that feels unmanageable. Yet you’re told over and over that “he’ll grow out of it,” or “she just needs more discipline.”

As a result, you feel like nobody understands what’s going on with your child and nobody understands the fears, frustrations and challenges that come with being his parent.

I’ve been in your shoes and know how overwhelming and hopeless it can feel.

As a mom of two incredible, yet challenging, “differently-wired” boys who have sensory processing issues, I’ve spent most of my motherhood journey desperately tracking down information to help make me a better parent, to make parenting more enjoyable and to replace our household chaos with a sense of calm.

After reconnecting with the theories and self-regulation practices I studied in graduate school and reaching out for weekly support from my incredible mentor, I finally emerged from my parenting bottom.

Finally out of survival mode, I was able to combine my professional background as an elementary school teacher, therapist and mindfulness practitioner to create a parenting class/support group to share the tools and strategies that helped me with other moms experiencing similar struggles.

Now I'm offering that support group ONLINE!


Parenting Support for SENSORY MOMS
An 8-week course and support group for moms of “differently-wired” children who are struggling to stay calm when their child isn’t, who are at a loss about how to handle their child’s behaviors, who need support from other moms in the same boat and who are seeking guidance from a mom who gets it both professionally and personally.
Does any of this sound familiar?
“My child’s behavior is so extreme, he’s driving me crazy!”
“I’ve been told my child has sensory processing issues. I feel so overwhelmed- I don’t know how to help her.”
“My son is extremely sensitive and inflexible. His behavior impacts our entire family. I often worry about the effect it’s having on my daughter.”
“I never imagined parenting would be this hard.”
“No matter how hard I try not to, I’m constantly losing my temper with my daughter. I’m not the kind of parent I imagined I’d be.”
“My son holds it together at school, but has explosive outbursts at home. My husband and I literally don’t know what to do.”
“I don’t have anyone to talk to about what’s going on with my son. No one seems to understand.”
“If one more person tells me my daughter will ‘grow out of it,’ I’m going to scream!”
“Sometimes I’m shocked by how intensely I react to my son’s behaviors. I’m just so exhausted, something’s got to give.”
If you nodded yes to any or all of the above, you’re in the right place.
In CRAZY to CALM: Parenting Support for Sensory Moms, I'll guide you towards the right strategies and resources to ease your anxiety, make parenting more enjoyable and help your child get regulated.
You Will:

Be part of a community of moms who are experiencing similar challenges, who can relate to what you’re going through without judgment and who can help support each other.

Have access to a private Facebook group through which you can share resources, inspiration, successes and challenges.

Get equipped with a parenting toolbox that will keep you calm and regulated when your child isn’t.

By the end of the course, you’ll no longer be grasping at straws when it comes to managing your child’s sensory needs.

From there, you’ll be able to more effectively address your child’s needs and you’ll be able to reconnect with that elusive joy of parenting.


During our weekly meetings, we will:
  • Begin with a 5 minute mindfulness exercise
  • Learn a specific parenting tool to help manage your reactions to your child’s behavior
  • Dissect and delve into your specific parenting challenges
  • Close with a weekly accountability challenge
Each week, you’ll receive:
  • 1:1 support/ guidance
  • Group support
  • A detailed session summary
  • Downloadable resources/pdf’s
  • Personalized guidance for your child’s specific sensory needs
  • Access to unlimited email support
  • Accountability for our weekly challenge
  • Access to a private Facebook group
You’ll learn how to:
  • Understand your child's sensory needs
  • Identify and reframe your parenting triggers
  • Rewrite your narrative about your child
  • Be “responsive” instead of “reactive” to child’s needs
  • Stay calm and regulated during your child’s explosive/triggering behaviors
  • Manage your anxiety about your child’s development
  • Shift out of parenting overwhelm
  • Effectively communicate with your child
  • Improve your relationship with your child
This support group is for you if:
  • You have a sensory kid whose behaviors you’re struggling to manage
  • You feel alone in your parenting journey
  • You’re constantly walking on eggshells around your child, trying desperately not to set him off
  • You consider yourself a relatively calm person, but you find yourself losing your temper on a daily basis due to your child’s extreme behaviors
  • Parenting your sensory kid has you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and anxious
  • You long to connect with other moms who are experiencing similar challenges with their kids
  • You’ve read all the parenting books, but nothing you’re trying seems to work
  • You’re losing sleep at night worrying about your child’s development
  • No one seems to understand what you or your child are going through
Curious if you’re a fit? Schedule a FREE 30-minute call so I can answer all your questions.

Mondays from 6pm-7pm PST
Starting March 4th, Ending April 22nd.

Online over Zoom Conference

$297 (less than $40 a week!)

Once you register, you'll receive an introductory email with a questionnaire to fill out, the rundown for our first session and a few resources.

What my in-person participants are saying...
Cameron has a special gift of connecting with people in a kind and compassionate way. If you are seeking to add more joy, peace, and understanding to your family, you are in great hands!
-Lauren S.
Cameron’s class was such a wonderful experience and a true highlight of my week. As a natural teacher and leader, Cameron created such a nurturing and loving environment. She had a unique ability to meet us where we were at and truly connect and empathize. We would receive weekly support emails with helpful articles and resources. It was a very supportive group with endless opportunities for learning and growth. I’m so grateful to have joined Cameron’s parenting group and couldn’t recommend it highly enough!
-Jennifer S
Cameron has helped me understand my children's behaviors and become a better parent. She offers practical advice and implements “ultimate parenting strategies.” One of my favorite tools I use to calm my girls is the “stop everything and pillow fight” method. It immediately stops the tantrum and induces laughter. Cameron is my parenting guru go-to. She simply keeps things real!
-Brooke W.
My experience in Cameron's parenting class has been so wonderful and transformative. She is a wealth of information and inspiration about parenting a differently-wired (or typically developing) child. She brings a deep understanding of self-regulation and self-care, attachment styles and needs, and mindfulness to her work, and also offers plenty of practical strategies, tips and tools that are easy to implement right away. I would highly recommend taking her course.
-Kate P.
Cameron always has insightful strategies to offer. One of my favorite things about Cameron is her willingness to share her own struggles. She never sugar coated her own experience, which allowed everyone in the class to be more candid without feeling judged. She has made a real difference in our parenting by sharing solutions that have worked for her...then worked for us!
-Stephanie D.
Cameron has helped me tremendously throughout the last few years. Her advice and guidance with my daughter who has sensory processing challenges has been life-saving. Her simple approach to making small changes in our day to day routine to assist with transitions and life changes has truly reflected in a more calm and self-regulated child. Our whole family is benefiting from Cameron’s advice and guidance. When our daughter is calm and not in flight or flight, we are all calm and not in fight or flight! Thank you to Cameron for always giving us the tools to tackle any parenting challenges and to enjoy parenting once again.
-Erin L.
Cameron's advice is thoughtful, honest, and heartfelt. As a mother, she lives so many of the same struggles as me and many other parents that I know. With her wealth of personal and professional experience, she helps me bring some much-needed peace and harmony into my life and my family’s. Beyond being a fantastic resource herself, Cameron also provides an abundance of relevant podcasts, books, and articles from other parenting and mindful experts all which help deepen and reaffirm our work together.
-Jessie D.

About Cameron

Cameron Kleimo is a San Diego-based Parenting Coach, blogger, and mindfulness practitioner. Formerly a first-grade teacher, Kleimo traded in her lesson plans for new adventures and spent three years living in New York City where her career path took an unexpected turn.

For the next eight years, she traveled the country and made appearances on the Home Shopping Network as the Vice President of Education and Training for a cosmetics company. After relocating to Los Angeles and meeting her husband, Kleimo decided to reconnect with her passion: working with children.

She entered graduate school for psychology and began an internship as a marriage and family therapist, working primarily with children and teens. During her internship she joined a women’s mindfulness group and had the opportunity to study and practice mindfulness meditation, a skill that became an integral part of her therapy practice.

After becoming a mom to a “differently-wired” son with sensory processing issues, Cameron spent several years learning as much as she could about SPD. In 2018, she decided to combine her professional experience working with kids and families with her knowledge about SPD to launch SensoryMom.com.

Kleimo’s mission is to support parents and spread awareness about sensory processing disorder so that the millions of children who struggle with it can get the understanding and help they need in order to thrive.

Kleimo has a B.A. in Sociology from UCLA, where she graduated with honors, a M.A. in Education from Pepperdine University, and a M.A. in Psychology from Antioch University.